Hi there, I'm Hilary.

I am a transformational business and life coach. I help women create the life of their dreams by expanding their vision in their businesses and coaching them to absolute greatness.

Go beyond fear. Live with confidence.

You were never meant to play small. You were never designed to fit inside of a box and yet somehow you've ended up in a life where you feel like you are living exactly like that.... inside of a box.

Let me introduce myself.

I'm Hilary Hill and I love helping women just like you uplevel their business mindset, bust through limiting beliefs, and gain an unstoppable confidence that rubs off on everyone around them.

I like to say I'm a business coach, but I help women transform all aspects of their lives with my high flame and transformative mindset coaching, but mostly I help them gain strong confidence and belief in themselves and other people so they can influence the important people in their lives and show up exactly like they mean to.... empowered and inspirational.


 Stop throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks, and have a proven roadmap and strategy for your business that not only sticks, but WORKS.

 Map out the next 6-12 months and know exactly what program you were going to launch, how to market it right on Facebook, grow your community, and how to hit consistent 5-figure launches... and beyond.

 Confidently sell your programs to those who truly need you in their lives, hit your income goals, and truly make an impact in this world.

 Finally plan your exit from your job because you know exactly how to run your business. Oh, and plan a few vacations while you're at it!

 Hire an amazing team, scale your business, and start building your empire online.


I work with people 1:1 and also in a group coaching format. Check out each option below. I also offer highly personalized and custom long term coaching packages, simply email me at hello@thehilaryhill.com to learn more.

What my clients have to say....

 If you're a coach, you need to be coached by one of the BEST in order to get your business to the next level. I've been in Hilary's Inner Circle for a couple months now and Hilary has completely revolutionized what I thought I was going to do. Hilary is so amazing at what she does! She is an amazing leader, this woman is not only caring, she's intuitive, and she is TOTALLY for you!" — Alex M.

 Before working with Hilary, I was spinning my wheels, putting my energy into everything but not really feel like I was getting anywhere or having impact. Her program has allowed me to focus and I've had a LOT more traction than I've ever got... Including several clients during my first launch!" — Amy H.

 I've been in Hilary's Inner Circle and I just find her to be so incredibly supportive... All of the trainings Hilary has put together are amazing, and I love the weekly coaching calls and Hilary's live trainings. It's been the best decision I've ever made for my business!" — Rachael D.


Come and join my online community! This group is where we can connect and grow together as entrepreneurs.

I provide massive amounts of free value and it's kind of my favorite place to be, so I'm always there.
See you inside?


My Approach:  Not only is The Inner Circle based on buyer psychology and knowing how to give your Ideal Clients exactly what they need so they keep coming back, but it's based on strategy and planning... not quick tactics that lead to "feast or famine" months that so many other programs espouse.

My Strategy: Do you remember the acronym KISS from elementary school? Keep It Stupid Simple. That is my motto. The simpler and more focused we are, the more impact we can make, the faster we can scale, and the deeper our pockets grow. Find a process that works and then put that baby on repeat and watch the magic happen!

My Commitment:  Nobody cares about her clients like Hilary does. If you need an answer, she'll find it. If you need a tutorial, she'll create it. She seems to always be on Facebook so if you have a question, I'm sure she'll be around to answer it. Your business is her business. That's just not something you'll find everywhere. I'm constantly looking towards the future and how to improve and grow my business and yours.

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